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Are you thinking of taking the plunge and starting a new life in Tenerife, either to work, retire, or just provide a better life for you or your family? Perhaps you have already moved to Tenerife but are struggling with the bureaucracy, paperwork or the language? Then look no further. Tenerife Guru’s RESIDENTS section is your ultimate guide to Living in Tenerife or Moving to Tenerife.

It has been painstakingly researched and written to help fill in those blanks. It covers everything that English-speaking residents in Tenerife might need to know, regardless of whether you have just arrived or are already a long-term resident.

Can’t find information you are looking for? Then let us know and we’ll write about it! The site is relatively new and we are constantly adding new material. However, the more feedback and suggestions we receive, the quicker we can improve the site.



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