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Gymnasiums & Fitness Centres in Tenerife

Tenerife is all about lifestyle and living well. Surrounded by so many fantastic restaurants and an ample supply of bargain priced alcohol and tobacco, many of us are looking for ways to offset the effects of such pleasurable indulgences.

The good news is that experts have determined that nothing boosts your mental and physical well-being quite like plenty of sleep and regular exercise.

Fortunately, when it comes to exercise, visitors and residents in Tenerife are spoilt for choice. There are a wealth of options for both indoor and outdoor exercise, sports and activities. However, many of us respond well to the routine of going to a gym or fitness centre.

Below are a just few of the gyms and fitness centres located in Tenerife South. However, we hope to expand the list to cover other areas of the island in the near future.

N.B. The following gyms are open to the paying public. We have not included various hotel-based gyms, some of which may also offer full or limited public access to paying non-guests. We have also omitted any gyms that have no English webpage or other internet presence in English.

  1. Fitness Center 2000    (Torviscas / Del Duque – Costa Adeje)

  2. Activate Sports Club by Baobab    (Torviscas / La Caleta – Costa Adeje)

  3. Aqua Club Termal     (Torviscas Alto – Costa Adeje)

  4. SPACIO10 Spa & Gym     (Playa de Las Americas – Arona)

  5. T3 (Tenerife Top Training)    (La Caleta – Costa Adeje)

  6. Minimal Fitness Club    (Playa de las Americas – Arona)

  7. Bulldog Gym – (Las Chafiras)

  8. Crossfit27 Tenerife  (Torviscas Alto)

  1.  Fitness Center 2000  (Torviscas/Del Duque – Costa Adeje)

Fitness Center 2000 Tenerife

One of the oldest and most iconic gymnasiums in the south of Tenerife, Fitness Center 2000 is owned and run by Honore ‘Nono’ Cironte, a former Mr Universe (1987) and Mr Olympia Masters 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003), together with his beautiful lady Marga.

Honore 'Nono' Cironte Tenerife

Conveniently located under the newly revamped ‘The Duke’ Shopping Mall in Torviscas / Del Duque, Fitness Center 2000 is a friendly but old-school, no-nonsense gym for bodybuilders and serious fitness addicts. The gym is dedicated to weightlifting and bodybuilding but also has an ample range of cardiovascular machines (treadmills, cross-trainers, steppers etc). It also has studios offering various martial arts, dance and other classes. For bodybuilding enthusiasts, no trip to Tenerife is complete without at least one visit to this iconic gym to meet the legend and to marvel at six decades of photos and bodybuilding history adorning the walls.

Opening hours –

Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 21:00

Saturday: 09:00 – 20:00

Sunday: Closed


Tel:Highlights info row image  (+34) 620 93 88 82

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FITNESS-CENTER-2000-214786561903616/



2. Activate Sports Club by Baobab    (Torviscas / La Caleta – Costa Adeje)

Discover a unique sports centre in Tenerife, perfect to train body and mind and have a pleasant time. Open air group classes and cutting-edge facilities will help you achieve all your fitness goals.
Activate Sports Club Baobab Tenerife
With fun classes, Pilates, yoga, state-of-the-art gym equipment and paddle tennis courts; professionals and beginners will feel as if they are in their own personal sports paradise.
Aware of the fact that health is more than just exercise, in Activate Sports Club you’ll find a place to have a nutritious juice and healthy and tasty food, all set in the most relaxing environment thanks to the sand and chill out area that give it a beach club vibe.
For more info and contact details, visit their website: https://activatesportsclub.com/en/


3.  Aqua Club Termal  (Torviscas Alto – Costa Adeje)

Aqua Club Termal is the temple of sensations and experiences in Tenerife: accessible to anyone with unique and innovate treatments in an exclusive environment. Their Tenerife Spa is located in one of the best areas for tourism in the island, the south side, specifically Costa Adeje.

Club Aqua Termal Gym Tenerife

They have a wide range of capable professionals at your disposal: physiotherapists, nutritionists, personal coaches, traditional and alternative therapists, estheticians that will cover all your needs of health, beauty and wellness. Their thermal circuit will surprise you more than any other Tenerife spa.

For more info or reservations, visit their website: https://aquaclubtermal.com/en/


4.  Spacio10 Spa & Gym –  (Playa de Las Americas, Arona)

Spacio10 is a unique centre that combines the best in fitness, wellness, pilates and spa.

Spacio10 Gym & Spa Tenerife

Conveniently located in the Marylanza Suites & Spa in Playa de Las Americas, they have great professionals, equipment with the latest technology, high quality facilities and a different environment. That is why they are a complete health and wellness area in the Canary Islands.

Spacio10 Spa & Gym Tenerife

Their exclusive and complete spa will allow you to enjoy the benefits of water in a circuit that combines sensations and temperatures to relax body and mind.

Their Spa circuit includes: Hydromassage pool, Tonification Pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, Roman bath, Floatation pool with seasalt and chromotherapy, Scottish shower, Aromatherapy shower and Foot deluge.

For more info, visit their website:  https://spacio10.es/en/los-cristianos


5.  T3 (Tenerife Top Training)  – La Caleta, Costa Adeje

Choose the best training camps for your club, your team, as sports federation or for you as an individual athlete. The high-performance sports training resort “Tenerife Top Training” (T3) on Tenerife offers you professional conditions.

T3 Tenerife Top Training Tenerife

Whether sports hotels or five-star hotels with us your desires stand in the foreground! With more than 340 sunny days and year-round weather as if in spring. Europe’s best sports facility ensures a first-class training schedule. The T3 makes a successful sports training camp possible for you!

Be focused on your training with T3’s tailor-made training camp for:

  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Fitness Holidays
  • Fitness training
  • Triathlon
  • Cycling
  • Tennis and Paddle
  • Beach volleyball camps
  • Rugby
  • Analyze your swimming

For more info, visit their website:  https://tenerifetoptraining.com/en/training-camp/


6.  Minimal Fitness Club –  (Playa de Las Americas, Arona)

This modern Fitness Club is conveniently located in the Zentral Commercial Centre in the heart of Playa de Las Americas, Arona.

Minimal Fitness Club Tenerife

Minimal Fitness Club have some of the best personal trainers, nutritionists and supplement experts to help you reach your fitness goals.

They provide the knowledge and tools you need to burn fat, build muscle and become the best version of yourself.

Minimal Fitness Club Gym Tenerife

Minimal Fitness Club offers a wide variety of classes :

  • Dance Fitness
  • Glutab
  • Extreme Fitness
  • Body Tonic
  • Cycling Indoor
  • Mix Training
  • Minimal Hit
  • Pilates
  • Gap
  • Ciclo Tonic

For more info, visit their website here: http://minimalfitnessclub.com/

You can also check out their Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/Minimal-Fitness-Club-423106917748757/


7.  Bulldog Gym  (Las Chafiras)

Bulldog Gym Tenerife, located in Las Chafiras offers a friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere to enjoy your workouts. At Bulldog Gym you can keep fit, take a class in fitness or martial arts and more. The gym is ideal for those looking to get in shape or prepare for a competition. They have plenty of equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, steppers, cross trainers, spin bikes, weight machines, free weights, Bags, Boxing ring, MMA cage, Plenty of mats to roll & more.

Bulldog Gym Las Chafiras Tenerife

Visit their website here: https://bulldoggymtenerife.com/

or check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/bulldoggymtenerife/


8.  Crossfit27 Tenerife  (Torviscas Alto)

Tired of typical gyms and looking for something completely different? Then why not try Crossfit?

Crossfit27 Tenerife is not just another remedy to get fit. It is not just another class in a conventional gym alongside other group classes. And above all, it´s not a training method that can be applied by any coach unless they have studied Crossfit correctly.

Crossfit27 Tenerife
Crossfit is not about simply combining exercises to form a circuit. It is not a functional exercise, nor is it pure cardio. It isn’t about getting big, and it is not about injuring yourself by lifting weights.

Crossfit has no limits. From elite athletes to your own grandmother, everyone can and should improve their fitness. Increase your workout capacity. You’ll be stronger, faster and better prepared for any task at any time.

You will benefit from a significant decrease in body fat and increased muscle mass. You won’t get massively bigger, but you will become stronger, whilst improving your flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and movement technique. Endurance, strength, power and speed come with time.

To learn more, visit their website : http://www.crossfit27.com/?lang=en

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