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Excursions 4 – CLIMBING & HIKING

1.  Tenerife Best Climbing Guidebook (‘Tenerife Escalada Deportiva’) – A Must Buy for Climbers!

This guidebook for Climbing in Tenerife is written in dual English/Spanish and has been edited and reviewed by the founders of most of the climbing routes covered in the guide.  It features clear explanations of how to access each area, including maps of the island with it’s different zones.  Illustrations of the various routes are provided together with the ‘correct’ french grading. This is the best and most complete climbing guide for Tenerife… definitely worth spending your euros on!!

Tenerife Climbing Guidebook

For more info or to purchase your copy, click here:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tenerife-Escalada-Deportiva-English-Spanish/dp/8492648740

2.  Canyoning in Guaria Gully, Guia de Isora

This trip visits the gully of Guaria, located in a protected natural zone of the Guia de Isora municipality. Heading up the slope of Tejina Mountain, you will will pass through arid and dry land until you reach green vegetation and the entrance of the river-bed located towards the north. You will see Caves, 100m lava walls, autochthonous trees, unique flora and incredible sea views will turn this adventure into an unforgettable experience.

Canyoning in Guia de Isora Guaria Gully















• Helmet, harness,rope, insurance and transport.
• Engaging and informative commentary by our guide.
• Photos and video


Trekking shoes or comfortable trainers, sweatshirt, jacket, cap, sunscreen, water bottle and sandwich/snacks. This activity is suitable for all levels, no prior experience is necessary.

For bookings or more info, visit:   https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionProductReview-g230096-d15633997-Canyoning_in_a_Natural_Protected_Space-Arona_Tenerife_Canary_Islands.html


3.  Rock Climbing in Adeje

This trip takes you to a natural rock climbing zone in Adeje, where you will learn the art of sport climbing. You will be left amazed by this magnificent and exciting sport.

Rock Climbing in Adeje

Have you always been fascinated by climbing but you have never known where to start learning or to assess your level? Then you have come to the right place! Women and children actually have an easier time climbing than men, due to generally positioning their smaller feet better.

Open your mind and become one with the rock! Whether your first climb or your 20th, whether you can climb 5 metres or 20 metres: we have the perfect climbing option for you, guaranteeing the largest adrenaline rush you have ever imagined, but always with an eye on maximum safety. Relieve the daily stress of life in a totally natural environment whilst enjoying wonderful landscapes. In addition, on many climbs we will be accompanied by our pet V, a small all-terrain poodle.

For bookings or more info, visit:  https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionProductReview-g230096-d17769930-Rock_climbing_in_natural_space-Arona_Tenerife_Canary_Islands.html


 4.  ‘El Ocho Escalada’ Climbing School

El Ocho Esclada Climbing School offers a unique opportunity to traverse volcanic rock in Tenerife with our experienced and motivated team. They will show you lots of tips and tricks to become a better climber. They guarantee unforgettable holidays with professional climbing instructors, who focus on increasing your climbing performance whilst ensuring the highest standards of safety. They are A.E.G.M. certified. Their guides and instructors are accredited as climbing instructors at national and international level and belong to the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides.

El Ocho Escalada Climbing School Tenerife

They offer climbing sessions tailored to your personal requirements. Half-day trips are ideal for beginners or those new to Tenerife, who wish to get acquainted with the local volcanic rock. Full-day trips are available to increase your fitness and learn new technical moves and security manoeuvres. For those looking for a complete training solution, they offer a Training Camp Package for 3-4 days:

Clients can also decide the location and format of their climbing course, choosing between technical-safety training or more technical climbing tips. They also offer a ‘trad-climbing’ experience in the Teide National Park, with unforgettable climbs in an amazing scenery. All in all, they guarantee an unforgettable trip.

For bookings or more info, visit:  https://ocho-escalada.com/en/


5. ‘Tenerife Guided Walks’ with Andy Tomkins

Many people believe that Tenerife is all about the sun, sea and sangria, but the reality is that the Island also offers a wide range of landscapes and different micro climates, from moonscape deserts and ancient lava flows to beautiful lush green forests, mountain ravines and coastal paths.

Tenerife Guided Walks with Andy Tomkins

Andy offers a full range of guided walks and hiking, covering all of Tenerife. Hikes are customised to suit individual needs, ranging from strolls along leisurely trails to traversing more challenging terrain such as ancient volcanoes and lava flows.

Andy offers a personal service, so group sizes are normally limited to 6 people. However, larger group walks can be arranged upon prior request.

Andy has recently been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, click out his website below to find out more…

For bookings and more info, visit:  https://www.tenerife-guided-walks.com/

 6.  Caving

Fancy taking a stroll through a lava cave formed more than 27,000 years ago? Tenerife is home to ‘Cueva del Viento’, the largest volcanic tunnel in Europe. It was created by a huge lava tube that cooled quickly on the outside whilst the molten lava continued to flow inside. This created a 17 km (11 mile) tunnel beneath the earth.

Cueva Del Viento Cave Tenerife

Cueva del Viento-Sobrado is located in the town of Icod de los Vinos, in north-east Tenerife. It isbelieved to be the fifth largest volcanic tunnel in the world, whilst four bigger tunnels can be found in Hawaii. Its various underground passages cover more than 17 kilometres (11 miles).

The tour begins at the visitor centre by vehicle, which drops off close to the tunnel entrance. The tour then continues on foot through picturesque farmland, pine forests and even an old royal road. The route includes bilingual information panels, which together with commentary from your guide, will provide all the information you need to know about the cave and the resident wildlife inside.

This tour is of medium difficulty and takes approximately two hours from start to finish. The tour spends approximately 45 minutes inside the cave itself.

For bookings or more information, visit the official website here:  https://www.cuevadelviento.net/?lang=en

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