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Tenerife Nightlife and Bars

LAST UPDATED: 13th February 2020

Your ultimate guide to nightlife in Tenerife – All you need to know

Tenerife is one of the top destinations in Spain, or indeed most of Europe, for nightlife. The sheer variety of offerings and the number of bars, lounges and clubs leaves visitors spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for a quiet drink with a view, or a full-on night out dancing and drinking until the sun comes up, Tenerife has you covered, regardless of your taste, style, budget or sexual orientation.

As there are literally hundreds of watering holes and nightspots in Tenerife, listing them is beyond even the Guru’s ability. Instead, we have focused on the main areas where you can find bars, lounges or nightclubs. You can view each area that we have highlighted on the map below, or in the clickable list below the map that takes you to a description of each area and what you can expect to find there.

  1.  CC Veronicas
  2. C.C. Starco
  3.  The Patch
  4. Parque La Paz
  5. C.C. Safari
  6. C.C. San Telmo
  7. C.C. Passarella Oasis
  8. C.C. San Eugenio
  9. Puerto Colon
  1.  C.C. Veronicas

It is virtually impossible to have a discussion regarding nightlife in Tenerife without mentioning C.C. Veronicas. Located on the beachfront in the centre of Playa de Las Americas, this infamous ‘strip’ has been home to Tenerife’s most raucous nightlift for over 30 years. It gained even bigger fame and popularity after featuring regularly on the TV Series ‘Tenerife Uncovered’.

Veronicas Playa de las Americas Tenerife

Some 300 metres long, it is home to numerous nightclubs and bars, most of which continue well into the early hours of the morning. Veronicas is located on the opposite side of a road and footpath tunnel to CC. Starco. Although technically separate, many partygoers typically find themselves drifting seamlessly backwards and forwards between the two areas as the night progresses.

Whilst still very popular today, it does not attract the same numbers of revellers as it did in a typical summer back in the 1990s, when the strip would be crammed with so many people, it was almost impossible to walk from one end to the other. However, the area still attracts partygoers in their 1000’s during busier nights of the year.

The age range for the area is typically young (18 – 35) but many older residents and tourists can also be spotted in the area, particularly on weekends. The format is generally the same everywhere. All bars offer free entry, but PRs on the street will try to tempt you into a particular bar with offers of ‘2 for 1’ drinks, free shots, etc etc. Some clubs offer free entry, whilst others charge an entry fee which includes your first drink.

The PRs are friendly but as they work purely on commission, they tend to be persistent and pushy. For anyone heading somewhere specific, a firm “no thanks mate” usually does the trick, or the old line “We are workers, mate” is also popular (PRs tend to leave the locals alone). However, some savvy PRs desperate to pay this month’s rent may see through this ruse and test you with ‘follow up’ questions, before they finally move on to easier prey. In most cases, avoiding the PRs and negotiating directly with each barman will get you better priced drinks with larger measures and a greater chance of being served with ‘Smirnoff’ rather than ‘Chekoff’. However, some regulars swear they get a better deal by by going through their favourite PR. You decide! Either way, alcohol measures are still relatively large, so those not accustomed to Spanish measures should pace themselves.

Music varies widely from bar to bar and club to club to suit all tastes. However, anyone looking for dance/house/techno/jungle/grime/R&B/Hip-hop/rock/chart music in any combination will easily find something to suit their tastes.

Any dress code along the strip is essentially non-existent. Some people dress up in their best club wear. Others rock up in amusing hen-night outfits with inflatable genitalia. Many just wear shorts and flip flops. You may even see the odd Borat ‘mankini’. Bottom line: anything goes on the strip.

The main exception to the above is ‘Papagayo’ nightclub. Located at the far end of Veronicas, this stunning semi-outdoor nightclub is Tenerife’s answer to Ibiza, Marbella and Miami. The club regularly hosts famous international DJs and attracts a far glitzier crowd than the rest of Veronicas. There is usually an entry fee (first drink included) and the dress code is smart casual (shorts, sandals, vests etc are not usually accepted). The most popular option is VIP bottle service in one of the private huts or on a sofa. The club is also popular late afternoon/early evening for sunset chill-out cocktail sessions.

Although most visitors to Veronicas have a fantastic trouble-free night out, the strip does attract its share of unsavoury characters, particularly in the later hours around closing time. Like in most busy nightlife areas around the world, you can expect to rub shoulders with the occasional drug-dealer, pickpocket, beggar or prostitute. We deal with this more in our ‘SAFETY IN TENERIFE’ page. However, as in all such areas around the world, basic common sense goes a long way and typically ensures a trouble-free visit. Avoid getting too drunk that you don’t know what you are doing or where you are going. Walk away from any situation where somebody attempts to start an argument or fight. Avoid walking around alone late at night. Avoid flashing the cash, expensive watches or jewellery.

Map location:   VERONICAS MAP

2.  CC Starco

Referred to by some as the ‘little brother’ of Veronicas, Starco is in fact a thriving area in its own right and despite being slightly smaller than Veronicas, is in no way dwarfed or defeated by its slightly bigger brother.

Starco Nightlife Las Americas Tenerife

Located literally across the road (or through the small tunnel) from Veronicas, Starco consists of similar bars and nightclubs, the vibe, range of music and clientele are essentially identical to what you will find in Veronicas. Depending on the night and time of year, the bars can get busy from as early 9.00pm onwards, whereas very few bars in Veronicas get lively before 11.00am. On the other hand, nearly all bars and clubs in Veronicas are closing or winding down by 4.00am, whereas Rags nightclub at Starco continues typically until 6.00am or beyond. Starco also has a few fast food outlets catering for the late night munchies.

Some of the more popular venues include Linekers Bar, Yates, METT and the famous Tramps Nightclub.

Map location for Starco:   STARCO MAP

3.  The Patch

Located a short walk east along the coast from Veronicas and Starco, ‘The Patch’ is an area reknowned for its nightlife, but is somewhat less energetic and boisterous than Veronicas or Starco. The area is host to dozens of bars, restaurants and even a nightclub.

The Patch Playa de las Americas Tenerife

The age range is mixed, from groups twenty-somethings right through to elderly couples. However, most of the bars and restaurants have more of a family feel to them, whereas most people wouldn’t feel comfortable partying with their entire family at Veronicas or Starco! The majority of bars are British or Irish, but a few other nationalities also feature in the area. Live entertainment, quizzes,  Karaoke and comedians all feature strongly in this area, so if you are looking for some good live music, you are certain to find something to suit your taste. There are also a fair number of restaurants and fast-food outlets too, varying widely in selection and quality. Finally, for the young and young-at-heart, there is TIBU nightclub, which stays open until the early hours. In terms of safety, there is far less to worry about than in Veronicas or Starco, but visitors might come across the occasional pick-pocket, drug-dealer, looky-looky man etc. Visitors arriving or leaving after midnight are also likely to be approached by PRs working for the local strip clubs and escort venues.

Some of the more popular haunts include:  Gaelic Corner, The Dubliner, Princess Di’s, Sax Bar, Railway Tavern, The Drunk ‘n’ Duck and Marquee Bar.

Map Location for ‘The Patch’:   THE PATCH MAP

4.  Parque La Paz

This is a strip of bars, pubs and eateries attached to Aparthotel Parque la Paz in Playa de las Americas. They cater primarily for the British and Irish but many nationalities find there way here. The strip consists of approximately 8 different bars with indoor and outdoor seating. Most offer different forms of live entertainment, depending on the night of the week. Some also serve food, ranging from full menu offerings to simple bar snacks. Drink prices are pitched for the tourist market but are still quite reasonable, particularly in comparison to nearby Safari Centre. The other advantage of this area is that some of the bars are open for daytime/afternoon drinking.

Parque La Paz Bars Playa de Las Americas Tenerife

5.  C.C. Safari

Located in what is known as the ‘Golden Mile’ in Playa de Las Americas, C.C. Safari Centre is an upmarket open-air complex featuring various shops, bars and restaurants.

CC Safari Tenerife

Popular with visitors and residents alike, a typical evening at Safari Centre might begin with pre-dinner drinks in the legendary Harrys Bar with views of the fountain light show, followed by dinner in one of the many top quality restaurants. Some restaurants also offer live entertainment during and after dinner, e.g. El Embrujo, which features an amazing Flamenco show.

After dinner, the socialising continues over drinks in one of the local bars, some of which feature live music or karaoke. However, those wishing to continue on into the early hours usually find their way across the street to the famous ‘Magic Lounge’, where the plush decor, VIP bottle tables and live entertainment followed by a late night DJ keep the young and the ‘young at heart’ on their toes until well into the early hours.

Popular local haunts after dinner include Harrys Bar, Magic Lounge, Hard Rock Cafe and the Biergarten.



6.  C.C. San Telmo

Located on the beachfront by Playa Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos, San Telmo is a large complex featuring dozens of restaurants, bars and shops. It has more of a Spanish/European feel to it than most of the nighlife spots in South Tenerife. As such, it is popular with locals and visitors wishing to avoid the typical tourist bars and restaurants.

The complex consists of 3 levels. The upper roadside level features predominantly Spanish or Italian run restaurants and bars, including two popular nightclubs, Casablanca and Punta Cana. Whilst most restaurants on this level double up as bars to enjoy a pre or post dinner drink, the action until midnight is really limited to the restaurants, after which time the nightclubs begin to liven up.

San Telmo Road Level Los Cristianos Tenerife

C.C. San Telmo – Top Floor / Road Level

The middle level of the complex is accessible from the side stairs running down to the beach. This features a number of small bars, which open late and don’t tend to get lively until at least 11pm or later.

San Telmo Middle Level Los Cristianos Tenerife

C.C. San Telmo – Middle Level

Finally, the lower level of the complex is accessible from the beach promenade. This area features various shops, bars and restaurants. Many of the businesses on this level are open nearly all day and cater to the passing tourist trade and beach visitors, whilst in the evening they offer dinner, drinks and some live entertainment.

San Telmo Beach Walkway Los Cristianos Tenerife

C.C. San Telmo – Lower Level Beach Promenade

7.  C.C. Passarella Oasis

This popular commercial centre is located in Los Cristianos, a 5 minute walk from the seafront or a 10 minute walk from the town centre.

C.C. Passarella Oasis Shopping Centre Los Cristianos Tenerife

The centre features various shops, businesses, bars and restaurants. There are also a couple of rows of bars and restaurants in locations dotted around the centre within walking distance. During the day, the main activity of the area focuses around the banks, offices, shops, cafes and a surprisingly well stocked supermarket, but from late afternoon through to late night, the focus shifts to the bars and restaurants. The entire top floor features the famous ‘La Pepa’ food court, offering a wide variety of international cuisine from various stalls and outlets, to be eaten in a large open-air communal area featuring big screens that show major sporting events.

Some of the more popular bars in the area include Manhattans, Casey’s and Taylors Lounge. The action generally continues until around 1.00am, but outdoor music is prohibited after midnight.

Nightlife in the area is fairly low-key and generally attracts families, couples and groups of friends.

C.C. San Eugenio

Although the San Eugenio shopping centre itself doesn’t contain any bars or nightlife to speak of, it is located bang in the centre of a zone featuring various popular bars and restaurants, catering primarily to the British and Irish, but which also attract visitors from various other countries.

On one side, 400m from the shopping centre and opposite the Iberostar Bouganville Playa Hotel, is a small parade of businesses that includes a few live entertainment bars and venues, featuring live music, comperes, comedians etc. The most popular are the Star bar, Wali Kaii and the Pheasant Plucker. All are family-orientated bars and generally wind down after midnight.

Star Bar Opposite Iberostar Bouganville Playa Hotel

Star Bar – Opposite Iberostar Bouganville Playa Hotel

On the opposite side of the roundabout outside C.C. San Eugenio is another area featuring several lively bars, including St Eugens, Temple Bar, Coconut Bar and The Thirsty Turtle. Again, all nightlife in this area is family orientated. Most bars continue open after midnight but usually begin to wind down from this hour onwards.

St Eugens San Eugenio Tenerife

St Eugens & Temple Bar

Head further up the street (away from the sea) and you will come across another area featuring a number of bars and restaurants, including the Irish Rover, the Rumpot, Faces Irish Pub and the Cobra bar. Again, all bars in this area are family friendly.

9. Puerto Colon

Puerto Colon is a popular area for both day and nighttime activities. During the day, the action revolves around the beach and the boating marina, with various bars, cafes and shops catering to tourists and local workers. Most bars open in the early afternoon and many have live entertainment or screen popular sporting events from early-afternoon onwards.

A few of the more popular bars include The White Horse, Irish Rose, and Skybar.

Puerto Colon Harbour Tenerife

Puerto Colon Harbour & Commercial Centre

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