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Excursions 5 – WATERSPORTS

If watersports ‘float your boat’, Tenerife is the perfect destination to visit. The largest Canary Island doesn’t just offer beaches, sunshine and sangria. It also offers a wide variety of water activities for everyone, from cautious newbies to adrenaline-seeking daredevils. But best of all, you can enjoy watersports in Tenerife all year round due to the favourable climate, as the water temperature ranges between 19 and 26ºC all year.

We have listed some of the more popular water sports options below. However, the list is far from conclusive and we are adding new options every week, so bookmark this page and head back often!

 1.  Apnea / Free-Diving

The ideal criteria for practising this challenging sport are: good depth close to the coast, weak or no sea currents, plus a comfortable climate in and out of the water. Unsurprisingly, Tenerife has locations that tick all of those boxes. As a result, it is a near perfect destination for this particular sport. Apnea, also known as ‘Free-Diving’, is an extreme sport that requires you to hold your breath underwater for extended periods and distances, allowing you to reach potentially great depths. It is definitely not for novices.

Apnea Free Diving Tenerife

In Tenerife, the West Coast is particularly suited to this sport, due to its unique terrain, making the weather, temperature and sea currents perfect for freediving.

No licence is required to take part. Equipment can be sourced locally via dedicated dive organisations, whether you’re a beginner or an expert looking to hone your technique. Tenerife boasts state-of-the-art facilities and services at T3 Sports Training Centre and also at Unberto Pelizzari’s prestigious Academy West Europe Center. Best of all, these two world-famous centres are night next door to each other in La Caleta, Tenerife South.

For more info, or to try out this amazing sport, check out the following links:

a)  Apnea Academy West Europe

b) ‘Ocean Friends’ – Diving & Apnea

c) ‘Tenerife Top Training’ (“T3”)


2.  Kayaking

The word kayak originates from the Eskimo word ‘qayaq’. It is a type of canoe that is utilised for fishing and generally for moving around on the water. In Tenerife, one of the most popular kayak passages is the crossing from Los Gigantes to Masca. It is suitable for all kayakers of any age or ability, but there are also guided tours for beginners, typically lasting 2 hours. Take in the breathtaking scenery as you glide through the crystal clear waters of the Tenerife coastline. You are also very likely to come across some of Tenerife’s famous acquatic inhabitants, namely bottle-nosed dolphins and pilot-whales. A waterproofed camera is therefore a ‘must’ for this activity!

Kayaking in Tenerife

The following are organisations that offer Kayaking trips and activities in Tenerife:

1.  ‘El Cardon’ Sea Kayaking

2.  ‘Teno Activo’ – Kayaking in Los Gigantes

3.  ‘Tenerife Snorkelling and Kayaking’

4.  ‘Kayaking Tenerife’

3.  Windsurfing / Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding:

El Médano is the one of the top destinations for some of the best wind and kite surfers worldwide. With an average of 300 windy days per year, it’s hardly surprising that both national and international championships are held here. Have you ever wanted to try windsurfing or kitesurfing but weren’t sure where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place! Why not spend one or two days with a class in one of the many surfing schools in the El Médano area?

Kitesurfing in Tenerife

Below are a list of organisations that offer windsurfing and kitesurfing activities in Tenerife:

  1.  ‘Azul Kiteboarding’ 
  2.  Surf Centre Playa Sur’
  3.  ‘Tenerife KiteSurf’
  4.  ‘Kitesurf 313’

4.  Surfing / Bodyboarding:

Two-time and current World Bodyboarding Champion, Alexandra Rinder, is from Tenerife and trains regularly here. At 16 years old in 2014, Alexandra was the youngest person ever to win the world championship. Tenerife is the ideal place for bodyboarding or surfing afficionados, regardless of level or fitness. Check out some of the famous breaks, including La Machacona (between El Médano and Los Abrigos), or La Fitenia (in Playa de las Américas).

Alexandra RinderAlex Rinder Tenerife Surfing

Below is a list of organisations and schools that offer surfing and bodyboarding:

  1. La Marea Surf School
  2. Sports Club Tenerife
  3. Tenerife Surfing

5.  Scuba Diving:

The super clear waters in Tenerife and its the wealth of marine life make for one of the best places on earth for scuba diving. There are estimated to be around 4,500 marine species living in Tenerife waters, plus many others that migrate through the Canary Islands during certain months of the year. One can enjoy amazing diving from both the north and south of the island, so divers will be spoilt for choice. Tenerife also boasts numerous professional diving schools providing tuition and most will tailor excursions to suit your needs.

Did you know? One of the island’s diving secrets is known as ‘La Baja de Realejos’. Tucked away in the north of the island, this cove is one of best places to dive due to the various underwater caves to explore.

Scuba Diving Tenerife

Below is a list of schools and organisations offering scuba diving:

  1. Ola Diving Centre
  2. Atlantic Eco Diving
  3. Ocean Friends Diving
  4. Sa Caleta Tenerife

6.  Paddleboarding / Paddle-Surfing:

A little known fact is that paddleboarding actually originated in Polynesia. It is in fact the oldest ‘water gliding’ sport in the world.  The Polynesians invented the concept as a means of navigation to enable the discovery of new islands. Needless to say, it has since become a popular leisure pastime that is enjoyed by old and young alike. One of the most popular locations for this sport is based around Los Gigantes. How many places in the world can you enjoy this fun activity whilst gliding serenely alongside 600 metre high volcanic cliffs.

Paddleboarding Tenerife

Below is a list of organisations that offer Paddleboarding Paddle-Surfing:

  1. Anaga Experience
  2. Sports Club Tenerife
  3. Tenerife Surf

7.  Sailing:

Tenerife’s famous ‘Trade Winds’ make the island the perfect place for sailing and its favourable climate mean you can enjoy this activity all year round. The most popular sailing seasons here is winter, where people of all nationalities head south to avoid the cold of their own countries. The worst month for sailing in Tenerife is usually September, which usually has very little wind. Tenerife has a fair number of sailing schools, which offer everything from one-day classes, through to entire certification courses. If you’ve ever fancied giving sailing a try, then Tenerife is definitely an ideal place to start!

Sailing Tenerife

Below is a list of schools and organisations that offer sailing classes and courses:

  1. Canary Sail
  2. Club Yachting Sea School
  3. Sail The Canaries

9.  Jetskiing

Would you like to experience the thrill of high-speed watersports whilst enjoying the breathtaking views of the Tenerife coastline? Then why not try a Jetski Safari!

Tenerife Jetski Safari

Various itineraries are available that visit different parts of the Tenerife coastline, including Palm Mar, Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas, Torviscas, La Caleta, El Puertito and Los Gigantes. Departing from Puerto Colon Harbour in Tenerife South, trips range from 40 minutes up to 3 hours in duration.

Feel the power of modern 130hp SeaDoo Jetskis as you skim across the waves in exhilarating style. Fancy enjoying a swim or snorkel session en route? No problem, trips of 2 hours or more include this option. During your swim-stop, you can even try out an ‘Underwater Scooter’ for an additional thrill.

Bob Diving Underwater Scooter Tenerife

A Jetski licence is not required, as you will be accompanied by a professional guide. Alternatively, if you already hold a valid boating licence for Jetskis, you can rent one of the Jetskis privately and ride unaccompanied.

For more info or to book, visit Exojet’s website here:


10.  FlyBoard

The latest revolutionary watersports craze has now arrived in Tenerife.

FlyBoard is the latest thing in ‘fun’. Move under the water like a dolphin or fly over the water like James Bond with a jetpack.

Flyboard Tenerife

FlyBoard Tenerife is conveniently based in Puerto Colon marina, close to Playa de Las Americas in Tenerife South. They offer a pick-up and drop-off service for customers from any hotel, apartment or location in the South of Tenerife.

No experience is required to try this fun activity as onsite training is provided. 95% of customers are up and flying in just a few minutes. This is an experience that you will NOT forget! A must for watersports lovers whilst in Tenerife!

For more info and bookings, visit: http://www.flyboardtenerife.com/en/

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