Tired of scouring the internet for incomplete, incorrect or out of date information about Tenerife?
TENERIFE GURU is your ultimate guide to Tenerife, covering everything you need to know about our amazing island.

Bureaucracy & Red Tape

So after all the dreaming, planning, soul-searching, scrimping, saving and a few sleepless nights, you have finally taken the plunge and moved your life to Tenerife. Congratulations!

However, before you can really put your feet up, there are a few things that you will need to take care of before you can officially call yourself a resident. Paperwork and bureaucracy in Tenerife can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Procedures are complex and continually changing. Civil servants and officials can often be stubborn, indifferent or even downright rude, particularly when you don’t speak the lingo.

Fortunately Tenerife Guru (with the kind assistance of TENERIFE SOLICITORS) is here to guide you through the Tenerife bureaucracy and red tape minefield to make a potentially stressful process run as smoothly as possible.

Our ‘Residents’ section INDEX (or the drop down menu at the top each page) lists all important procedures and red tape that new or existing residents of Tenerife are likely to encounter or need.

So for now, it just leaves us to wish you a WARM WELCOME to our beautiful island!