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Why Tenerife?

Why Tenerife - Playa de las Teresitas


Visitors to Tenerife often ask foreign expats why they decided to move here. Depending on the person, answers tend to include any combination of the following:


  • One of the best climates on earth with all-year-round beach weather, low rainfall and no extreme weather phenomenon (no hurricanes etc).
  • Stunning scenery and contrasts.
  • Part of the European Union – Democratic government and economic stability.
  • Excellent flight connections to/from the island’s two international airports.
  • Vast accommodation options ranging from Budget to Luxury to Eco-Tourism.
  • One of the lowest costs of living in Europe.
  • Relatively safe – Low crime rate, particularly low for violent crimes.
  • Friendly and tolerant people.
  • English widely spoken/understood in tourist areas.
  • Rich and diverse cultural heritage.
  • Great value and almost limitless options for drinking and eating out.
  • Cheap cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Cheap petrol (from 87 cents/litre) & diesel (from 86 cents/litre) (Check average prices here: FUEL PRICE CHECK)
  • Lowest VAT/sales tax in Europe (currently 6.5% – rising to 7% in January 2020).
  • Numerous blue-flag beaches with safe waters/swimming – no rip-tides or shark attacks.
  • World renowned scuba diving destination in sub-tropical waters with a diverse marine ecosystem.
  • Excellent boating excursions – Whale and Dolphin viewing, Island Hopping etc
  • The No.1 water park in Europe and No. 2 in the World (according to Tripadvisor)
  • A hiker’s paradise – extensive walks, trails and forests with stunning scenery.
  • Second biggest Latin Carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro.
  • Long daylight hours. Earliest sunset even in winter is at 6.10pm.


The above list is far from exhaustive, but is enough to illustrate why so many visitors flock to the island each year and why many others dream of making it their home.