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Social Security Number (Seguridad Social)

UPDATED: 6th June 2019

As well as an NIE number, you will also need to apply for a numero de Seguridad Social (Social Security number) if you:

  • intend to work in Spain (employed or self-employed)
  • wish to use the Spanish National Health system for free
  • Claim any state benefits
  • wish to study in Spain

For EU Nationals, the procedure is relatively straightforward.

You will first need to complete Form TA1, which can be downloaded from the official site HERE:

In the south of Tenerife, the main Social Security office (Tesorería de la Seguridad Social) is located on the ground floor of the Valdes Centre in Los Cristianos, on the opposite side of the open air car park to the Ofipapel stationery shop. (see map HERE)

Alternatively, you can search HERE for other office locations within Tenerife

The offices are typically open from 9.00am to 2.00pm but it may be wise to check before you arrive as times may vary during festive periods. The reception desk issue tickets for customers to queue up.

You need to take your original NIE certificate plus a photocopy, plus your original passport and a photocopy.  You should also bring two copies of the relevant document triggering your need for a Social Security Number (e.g. Employment Contract). Non-EU citizens should also being their Visa and Residency documentation.

Once they have approved your particulars and documentation, you should be issued with a temporary card showing your new Social Security number, which you should show to your employer and accountant (if applicable). The temporary card has an expiry date, which is when you should go back and pick up your permanent card. However, the actual Social Security number on the temporary card continues and does not expire.