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Public Transport


This is perhaps the most convenient, albeit the most expensive, way of getting around whilst in Tenerife. Taxis will take you pretty much anywhere and even offer day-trip excursions covering Mount Teide or even the whole of the island.

Taxis in Tenerife are generally white. Historically, most were Mercedes, but due to modern economic realities, Mercedes has largely given way to all manner of makes, including Peugeot, Toyota, Skoda and even Dacia.

Whilst the vast majority of taxi drivers in Tenerife are honest and helpful, there is sadly a small minority who continue to give the industry a bad reputation with their various tricks to bump up the fare, all too often with a surly attitude. Passengers who have a complaint with a driver are now encouraged to demand an ‘official receipt’ ‘recibo oficial’ and a ‘complaint form’ (Hoja de Reclamaciones) from the driver, fill it in and file it at a police station. Such matters are taken seriously and a series of complaints against a driver over a short period will very likely result in that driver losing his taxi licence.

Most taxis are big enough (and licenced) to carry a maximum of 4 adults plus a couple of large suitcases. However, minivan-style taxis are now increasingly available, which are capable of carrying greater numbers plus their luggage. Some also have disabled access for wheelchairs in the back. If you need a larger taxi, just ask for a ‘grande’ (pronounced GRANDAY).

All fares are metered and start with a base price that covers the first short portion of the journey, following which the meter will start to increase. The only supplements that should be added to that meter fare are for journeys to/from an airport or sea port, luggage, or supplements applicable on public holidays. All taxis should have a sticker visible (usually on the side windows) detailing applicable charges and supplements.

Official List Of Charges

DestinationDistanceDay RateNight Rate
Los Cristianos18km20.9123.51
Las Americas20km23.0525.10
Callao Salvaje29km32.6336.50
Los Gigantes46km50.8757.50
Santa Cruz64km70.1379.36
La Laguna69km75.4385.43
Puerto de
La Cruz


A bus in Tenerife is known locally as a ‘Guagua’ (pronounced Waah-Waah)

The island’s bus provider is TITSA. Whilst not all parts of the island are covered, the service does cover a surprisingly comprehensive area. Buses are generally quite punctual and buses are relatively clean and efficient.

Their website is also available in English by clicking on the Union Jack flag at the top. It contains lots of useful information including prices, routes and up to date timetables.