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Cinemas in Tenerife

For a small island, Tenerife boasts a surprising number of cinemas. Whilst popular with residents, there is rarely much demand for cinemas in Tenerife among tourists, who would probably rather spend their time on the beach. However, they provide a good option on one of the rare days the island suffers from bad weather.

MULTICINES – Gran Sur Shopping Centre, Costa Adeje


Tel: 922713858

This is currently the only cinema offering a daily matinee movie in English

Yelmo Cines – Zentral Center,

Avenida Antonio Dominguez, S/N Playa de Las Americas.


Tel: 600907823

Multicines Puntalarga

Rambla Los Menceyes , CP38530, Candelaria

Tel: 922583050

Multicines – Alcampo La Laguna

Camino La Hornera , CP38291, La Laguna (S.C. Tenerife)

Tel: 922821061

Yelmo Cines Meridiano

Avenida La Salle , CP38005, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tel: 922235333

Yelmo Cines – La Villa de Orotava

Camino La Hornera , CP38291, La Laguna (S.C. Tenerife).

Tel: 902220922